“The time when I was searching for education abroad, I found Global Career Academy where I found all the procedure for applying right course for me. They helped me in each and every step till I reach the college. I would like to thank Mr. Murthy who cooperated like a friend and helped me lot for get through into college.”


“It was really nice to meet one of my good college friend Mr.Murthy who helped me to achieve my goal through Global Career Overseas Education. It was really nice to be a part of Global Career. I hope the institute grows and will help other students to drive towards achieving their goals. ”


“I am very thankful to UK 4u and Mr. Murthy for helping me out right from the beginning till I got my VISA. Not everyone in this field have this much of involvement in each and every students which he works on. So I am thankful to him by my heart. Best of Luck to Uk4u ”

Sathyanarayan M.R

“I met Murthy in nice time the last moment to move to London, it was great feeling meeting him before and given the exact information what a person needs when he is going to abroad. So I am planning to make it closer with him to gain knowledge form him. I suggest everyone; he is the best person to deal if you want to feel free to finish required goals and works.”

G. Chakradhar

“Murthy is a very good person, very friendly, he has supported me very much, he has guided in each and every step. I heart fully say thanks to him, today I am very happy that I am doing my studies in UK. Its only because of murthy, he is my moral support. Simply to say he will do all works from A to Y the only part left for us is to put Z and complete program. I thank him to provide this privilege.”

Venkatesh M.V

“Success is not winning the battle but winning a war” Murthy u have been great support for me. You built my confidence when my visa was rejected for 1st time. I had lost my hopes, but murthy rebuilt my confidence level. I am very very happy the way murthy, meena and sandhya helped. I thank everyone of Global Career Academy who helped me.”

Sita Latha

“I am always thankful to Narasimha sir, who encouraged me in all ways to make my dreams of higher studies come true. I am very happy and satisfied with the professional guidance for application process. I wish GCA all the best and keep encouraging and guiding more and more students, who take higher studies at abroad as fantasy.”


“I have been dealing with a good friend and a nice person who is also a good consultant for education. His specialty are personalized resolution and never give up and let give up attitude. His help is making a big difference in my carrier and my life. This difference is also goanna positively effect my family.


I met Mr. murthy before 4 months itself, but couldn’t take his help but after 3 months he helped me a lot and made everything cool and got me admission in the university without any problem and gave a very good directions to me. Really I didn’t even dream about Msc but he made my way to that . Thank you very much. (Every one make use of this Global Career Academy).


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